breadth of knowledge

An Overview of  Recent  Courses that  Alison has Undetaken

The Musician's Hand, June 2019

Communicating Pain, Royal Society of Medicine, May 2019

Radiology, Royal Society of Medicine, May 2019

Occupational Health in the Performing Arts, Royal Society of Medicine, March2019

Laryngeal Manipulation, Jacob Lieberman, March 2019

Voice Clinics Forum, British Vocal Association, St Thomas's Hospital, February 2019

The Voice of a Diva, Royal Society of Medicine, January 2019

Sports Injuries and Sports Orthopaedics, Royal Society of Medicine, January 2019

Injuries in Ballroom and Latin Dancers, Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association, December 2018

The Performance Environment, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, November 2018

Orthopaedic Examination of the Spine, Upper and Lower Limb, CPD Gateway, September 2018

Advanced Ergonomics, University College of Osteopathy, November 2017

The Professional Voice User in Trouble, British Association of Performing arts Medicine, November 2017

Fitness to Practice: The Issue of Consent, CPD Gateway, September 2017

Osteopathic Care of the Professional Dancer, Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association May 2017

Emergency First Aid, Siren First Aid Training, April 2017

Sports Injuries and Sports Othopaedics: proximal hamstring tendinopathy, triathalon injuries,the ageing athlete, shoulder injuries, pain in sports medicine, knee sports injuries Royal Society of Medicine, January 2017

Injuries in Brass Players, Hearing in Musicians, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, November 2016

Botulinum Toxin in Chronic Pain Syndromes, Royal Society of Medicine, October 2016

An Update on the Management of Musculoskeletal (Rheumatic Diseases) Professor David Reid July 2016

Voice and the Neck, British Vocal Association, May 2016 

Osteopathic Study Day for osteopaths working with Performing Artists, April 2016

Healthy Performance, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, March 2016

Osteopathic Study Day for  osteopaths working with Performing Artists, February 2016

Alison Judahd Ostoopath Hammersmith and Hove

Injuries in String Players, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, November 2015
A (revised) introduction to MRI diagnosis
, Mr Alexander Montgomery, Consultant Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon, November 2015

Integrating dental orthopaedics with physical therapy to acheive whole body stability, Dr Richard Dean, October 2015

Reflux and Life on the Road/ Mechanics of Keyboard Technique, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, May 2015

What is Music Performance? British Association of Performance Arts Medicine, November 2014

Rehabilitation for Runners, The Running School, July 2014

Nutrition - Healthy Ageing, Royal Society of Medicine, May 2014

Knees  - What's New and What is Best, Mr Ian McDermott Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, April 2014

Performers in their environment, British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, November 2013

Hypermobility and Rheumatology in relation to performing artists,  November 2013

Nutrition - Gut Health, Royal Society of Medicine, October 2013

Upright MRI Imaging, Medserena, July 2013

Treating Performing Artists, Jennie Morton, Osteopath, University College London, June 2013

Lower Limb Orthopaedic Maserclass, Orthopaedic Consultants of London Orthopaedic Clinic, June 2013

Performing Arts Medicine, British Asociation of Performing Arts Medicine, April 2013

Dissection of Brain and Spinal Cord and Pathological Study, Dr Parry, Clinical Anatomist, Guy's Hospital, March 2013

Cervical Disc Herniation and Sciatica, February 2013

Dissection in Relation to Safe Needling, Guys Hospital, Dr Parry, Clinical Anatomist, Februay 2013

Back and Neck Pain Managment, February 2013

Differential Diagnosis and Management of Groin and Posterior Thigh Pain, January 2013

Dry Needling, London October 2012

Dry Needling, Dr Anthony Campbell, London School of Osteopathy, 2012

Dissection of the Head and Neck, Imperial College Medical School, January  2012

Hips, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, October 2011

Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound, April 2011

Imaging in Musculoskeletal Disorders and the role of MRI in the managemtnt of low back pain, April, 2011

Parkinsons Disease, BMJ Learning, February 2011

Chronic Back Pain: an update on diagnosis, BMJ Learning February 2011

Neck Lumps, BMJ Learning 2011

Acute Lateral Ankle Ligament Injuries, BMJ Learning 2011

Tennis Elbow Diagnosis and Treatment BMJ Learning 2011

Frozen Shoulder, BMJ Learning, January 2011

Acute Back pain, BMJ Learning January 2011

Emergency First Aid, British School of Osteopathy, November 2010

Pain Management in the 21st Century, Dr Christopher Jenner, November 2010

Upper Musculoskeletal System Masterclass, Spire Healthcare, October 20010

Forefoot Pain / Ankles that won't heal, Vista Diagnostics, March 2009

Spinal Trauma, October 2008

Whiplash - The Management Options, Mr Andrew Quaile, Consultant Spinal & Orthopaedic Surgeon, October 2008

Injuries and Exercises for Pianists 2008

Interpretation of MRI Scans, Vista Diagnostics, December 2007

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, Sutherland Cranial College, September 2006