ERgonomic assessments


What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

An ergonomic assessment examines in detail the way in which a person the person interacts within their environment in relation to the tasks they need to perform to determine the safest and most efficient manner in which to perform the task.  As an osteopath Alison provides an individual assessment for you at work or home to determine where you may be at risk or injury or determine what activities are causing or aggravating your pain.

The Benefit of Using a Consultant Osteopath for Your Ergonomic Assessments

As a consultant osteopath with over 25 years' experience Alison Judah can provide a more tailor made assesment
An understanding of the mechanism of injury means preventative advice will be more in depth and specific to your needs
History Taking skills to get to be able to diagnose any problems
Experienced in assessing different types of work places, not just offices
Trained in ergonomics by expert ergonomists
Trained in assessing performing artists

Ergonomics and Performers

Performers rehearse in all sorts of situations, on raked stages, carrying heavy props or wearing heavy costumes.  Musicians practice for hours often in ways which can cause injury. Injury to the musician can be serious as it can affect the ability to perform and their livelihood.  Performance nerves and lack of warm up can exacerbate the situation. Alison can assess the performers in their environment or in the clinic and can help diagnose and treat any injuries or advise on how to prevent injuries.

Ergonomics and Production Staff

Over the years Alison has seen many production staff from television directors, producers, cameramen who are working long hours, poor diet, twisting with the camera and having to deal with the weight of the camera sometimes in akward situations.  Alison is happy to treat production staff and also advise on how they can work with out damaging their health

Ergonomics and Technology

With the rise in technology many people are using computers, lap tops, ipads and smart phones in postures which can lead to repetitive strain injuries, neck pain, back pain amongst other health problems.

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