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Professional Osteopathic Consultations Where Ever You Are Located

The benefit of an online consultation is that it doesn't matter where you are in the country or whether you are abroad.  You can still benefit from the same professional clinical expertise. This may be during the social distance restrictions during the covid 19 lockdown or it may be that you have a family member who lives in a different part of the country who would like to consult Alison.  May be you are abroad on holiday or due to work or child care commitments you cannot attend the practice.

About the Consultation

A full case history will be taken just as if you are sitting in the clinic.  If you have any reports or scans Alison can have a look at these. By video Alison can then observe you in different postures, ask you to make different movements and perform clinical tests under instruction.  In this way she can assess the clinical situation and give advice, based on sound clinical judgement and over 25 years of clinical expertise, to help resolve your problem. This may involve exercises, procedures that you need to carry out and advice all tailored to you.  


What is Needed to Have a Video Consultation

You just need a good internet connection and a well lit room. A lap top, tablet, desk top computer or a smart phone if no computer is to hand.  If an examination isn't required a telephone consultation can also be offered but a video consultation is preferable.

New Patients and Existing Patient

It doesn't matter if you have consulted Alison Judah berfore or not.
 Initial consultations are available for new patient or advised if you have not seen Alison for several years.
Follow up consultations are available for people who have consulted Alison in the past.